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on December 21st, 2014

In 2013, award winning filmmaker Mark Gantt and experienced actress Brianne Davis,

launched their own production company – Give and Take Productions.With numerous awards under his belt, Mark is best known for his role as …

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  • I don't think you go to a play to forget, or to a movie to be distracted. I think life generally is a distraction and that going to a movie is a way to get back, not go away.
    Tom Noonan

The Team.

GIVE + TAKE PRODUCTIONS is a Los Angeles based film and TV production company started in 2013 by award winning filmmaker Mark Gantt and Brianne Davis. Their most recent production, PSYCHOPHONIA, which Brianne directed will have it's world premiere at the Sitges International Film Festival in October 2016. Past projects include THE NIGHT VISTOR and THE NIGHT VISTOR W: HEATHER'S STORY, both have been distributed by Anchor Bay Canada, Slash House films and eOne. They have several film and TV projects currently in development.